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Meiyushu prefabricated building (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Hubei Unitech energy saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Hubei meiyushu Housing Engineering Co., Ltd. established in 2015, Hubei company is specialized in R amp; D, industrial production, product sale... [More]

Ten applicable technologies of livable green rural housing

The best green prefabricated rural housing promotion and application enterprise

Top ten brands of green houses of Ministry of housing and urban rural development

National "high tech enterprise"

Bolted PC prefabricated building system with its own intellectual property rights

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    Chu Villa

    The architectural style of Chu villa emphasizes the features of Chu style architecture, such as multi-storey wide eaves, large slope roof and so on. As the songs of Chu said: after the hall of people, Zhu Chen feast more. When the stone room is green and warped, it will be more beautiful“ The j...

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